About us

Because you’re more than what you think about yourself, and more than what they say. You’re A+: a singularity of freedom and confidence. Beyond fears, beyond conventions.
You’re the beginning of every road, the power nourishing every dream, the possibility that never ends. You are the perpetual genesis – and so much more. You break barriers, you blow up limits, you refuse to be a prisoner in a box.
You are Life: limitless and ever expanding. And our outfits mirror you.
So let your mind be free with A+MORE!
We’re a cool team which aims to be one step ahead of fashion trends, always combining fabrics you won’t think they belong together, always pushing the limits of form and shape. We are bringing out your self-confidence, we’re giving you the “how”. Answer the “who” and the “why” with your femininity, your youthful and bewildered spirit and with your grit to experience your freedom.
You are Life. We are Art. Together we’re A+MORE.

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